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What should I do if a major leak occurs in my home?
We recommend that everyone in your home becomes familiar with all of the plumbing shut off valves and their uses. If you are not sure where your shut off valves are, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We believe you should be knowledgeable for the “just in case” situations. If you are in an emergency need and can’t reach a plumber, you can call the fire department or your water company. They will send someone to turn off your system until it can be repaired.

Why should I have my home inspected by a plumber?
CAJPS has trained our technicians to notice any future problems that your home might incur. We will make observations and recommendations to develop a prevention plan. You will never be pressured to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

How do I know if my toilet needs repair?
Use a flashlight in the dark bathroom to shine light into a filled, still bowl. If you see movement in the water, your toilet is leaking. Another way is to drop 2-3 drops of ordinary food coloring into the tank. Wait 30 minutes. If you see the water in the bowl the same color as the coloring, you toilet will need to be repaired.

Why should I turn off the washing machine hoses when I leave my home for a period of time?
Washing machine hoses are made of rubber. After a period of time, the rubber will become rigid and brittle and the metal connections will become rusty. The risk of your hoses bursting is greatly heightened. Flooding from a burst hose is more damaging than any other leak, according to insurance claim records. Rubber hoses are meant to last 4-5 years. Stainless braided hoses are meant to last 8-10 years.

What do I do if I smell gas?
Get everyone including any pets out of your home quickly. Take your cell phone with you or go to your neighbors and call either your gas provider or 9-1-1. Do not risk staying in your home or creating a spark or static discharge. A lot of gas build up is very explosive. Your safety is more important than anything to you and us.

Is there any maintenance needed for my water heater?
Your water heater is a cast iron tank holding water at all times. If your water heater is 5 years old or less, annual maintenance can prolong its life expectancy. Drain, or allow CAJPS to properly service your water heater every summer. The reason is that at any other time of year, the water coming into the tank can be very cold and has the risk of creating a crack in the tank.

Should I replace my water heater before it leaks?
We recommend it. A water heater failure can be very damaging to your home and belongings. You should plan to replace a water heater between 7 to 15 years. If you see any corrosion on the top or sides of your water heater, plan to do so even sooner. We understand that your home is your greatest investment and we want to help you protect it.

Should I shut my outside faucets off in the winter?
Yes. This will lower your risk for pipe freezing and/or bursts. Turn off your outside faucets at the cutoffs inside the house, disconnect all hoses for the winter and then open your outside faucet to see if it is turned off. If no water is coming out, leave the outside faucet open for freeze expansion to occur. If water keeps coming out of the outside faucet when open, call CAJPS to have us repair or replace your cutoffs.