Plumbing Tips

Down the Kitchen Sink


Friends don't let friends put leftovers down the sink disposal (it is not a garbage disposal).  If the disposal is humming but not grinding, it is jammed.  Turn off the switch, use a disposal wrench ($7-$10 at a hardware store) and install it in the hole in the center underneath the disposal and rotate it to free the jam.  Take a flash light and a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the jam.  Turn on your kitchen faucet and turn on the disposal to see if the jam is removed. 

Flushed Toys


Little aviators and their toys.  Why do they flush them?  If the toy is small, your high grade plunger can pass it through the toilet and into the large drain.  However, if the toy is medium to large, you will need a plumber to avoid the toy getting lodged deeper or even cracking the porcelain of the bowl.  

No Hot Water


Cold baths are no fun, but water damage is even worse.  A water heater failure can be very damaging to your home and belongings. You should plan to replace a water heater between 7 to 15 years. If you see any corrosion on the top or sides of your water heater, plan to do so even sooner.

Baby, It's Cold Outside


Heading out in frigid temps to winterize will lower your risk for pipe freezing and/or bursts - and save you money. Turn off your outside faucets at the cutoffs inside the house, disconnect all hoses for the winter and then open your outside faucet to see if it is turned off.  If no water is coming out, leave the outside faucet open for freeze expansion to occur.  If water keeps coming out of the outside faucet when open, call us to have us repair or replace your cutoffs before a freeze.

Call An Expert First


A handyman is a great resource for small home repairs, but do not trust just anyone with your plumbing.  We have 25 years of experience and have seen many costly mistakes performed by unskilled handymen on a home's most valuable system.  Plumbers in the state of Georgia have to constantly educate themselves with new codes, improved products, product recalls and product training.  Let an expert minimize repair time and long-term cost.

Ask Lots of Questions


You should know about your home's plumbing.  Document repairs and collect photos showing location of key systems.  When we replace water lines, for example, we provide detailed photos so you can plan your landscaping around it.  We don't mind you watching what we do and are always available for your questions then or later.


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